“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Welcome to my site where I question and debate the ideology of Islam. I am not a neocon or an adherent to right wing ideologies. In my native south american country I have often run into problems with the authorities due to my left wing leanings. I am a lover and a supporter of a society where people are free to express their opinions and embrace the religion or belief of their choice. Since Islam ardently believes in an ideal sharia state with an absolute ruler where critics and converts to other religions are either imprisoned or put to death and so many muslims display this intolerant attitude towards disention and criticism I debate it as I have always confronted any authoriterian ideology. So many muslims constantly criticise other faiths and political opinions yet at the same time they oppose in the most distasteful and aggressive manner any form of criticism addressed to them.

It would never be possible to satisfy all of the demands made by Muslims because "their complaint often boils down to the position that it is always right to intervene when Muslims are victims... and always wrong when Muslims are the oppressors or terrorists" Nazir-Ali

Have you lived in the Middle East? Or do you live in an area populated by many Muslims? Have you noticed that they can be very nice and polite at first and that soon after you meet them they will direct the conversation towards religion and politics with a very one-sided view of things? Have you tried contradicting them expressing a different more balanced view? You will notice that in a short space of time they will change to a very bellicose and angry posture often becoming hostile and threatening.

Muslims like to call non-muslims hypocrites and liars yet:

.....They will tell you with religious and political fervour about the crusades. Yet inspite of the fact that the western world has criticised itself ad nauseam and said sorry for it, muslims become enraged when you try to balance the argument citing their jihad wars of expansion right from the medina phase of muhammad's life till the advent of conquests that in a few years saw them occupy lands from India to France. These bloody wars saw the killing of millions and the forced conversion of many more ( see link to political Islam ). What is most important is the fact tht Muhammad himself was a ruthless warior who used to attack villages during the night or when they were tending their lands ie At their most vulnerable and helpless moments, killing all the males, including teenagers with pubic hair, and then enslaving all the women and children. Those slaves were distributed amongst the muslim warriors or sold after Muhammad had taken the best ones for himself. This is according to their own scriptures! ( see link to violence of Muhammad, link to Islam and slavery and to the rape of Safya )

.....I often agree with them in their criticism of the invasion of Iraq yet they again refuse to acknowledge or condemn the tens of thousands, including women and children killed by islamic insurgents. They will scream in outrage about Palestine but they refuse outright to lay the smallest blame on the constant shellings and suicide bombings conducted by Hamas which so often derail any possibility of peace. They also deny the muslim responsability in Sudan, the genocide of Christian armenians. Yet they accuse others of hipocrisy and double standards,

.....They will point the finger to Christian countries for their slave trade and even claim that Muhammad came to abolish slavery! But they become aggressive both with words and aggressive threats if you mention that Islam also practised slavery on a big scale. But what is most shocking is that their prophet himself was a slave trader on a large scale and this is according to their own scriptures ( see link to slavery in Islam ).

.....Inspite of the innumerable gestures that Western governments have made to please them and appease them they constantly moan that they are persecuted and victimised in Europe and America even when they living in confortable housing with state benefits. Yet they refuse to acknowledge that in many Islamic countries minorities are persecuted and forbidden from openly practising their faith.

.....Again they claim that the West is obstructing their efforts to preach Islam and convert people, which is not true as they are constantly persuing an aggressive and constant policy of conversion. Yet in their religion they belief that anyone who either criticises Islam and most important who leaves Islam to convert to another religion should be put to death ( see leaving Islam )

....They point the finger to the their perception that all Western women are of 'loose morals' and their 'licentiousness' is exploited by men and they loudly extall how happy women are in Muslim countries and they claim that in their countries there is no rape! Have you wondered why rape is hardly reported in Muslim countries? Because if the woman is unable to produce 4 witnesses she will be accused of fornication and adultery and she can be even stoned to death ( see link to women in Islam ). Of course they will deny this with outrage and resentment.

......Everyone should apologize to Islam and Islam has nothing to apologize for. In most Western cities you can see them spreading their venom in many street corners, mosques and areas of public meetings like parks where they attack anyone daring to contradict them. They often succeed in converting some of the more disaffected members of the Western society and many of these new converts have ended up as suicide bombers in the West and middle East. Many so called moderate Muslims might not agree with killing converts but they all tend to agree with the one sided world view of the more radical Muslims.

It is the duty of every freedom loving person to counteract this constant propaganda and hate speeches not with violence but with the sword of knowledge and logic. Peace between the world and Islam is possible but Muslims need to start learning how to accept blame rather than only aport blame and before they rant about the Crusades they need to learn about their own history and their jihad wars and the tens of millions of people who died cause of them. This website aims to contribute to this dialogue.