Sharia is a religious, political and legal system to rule according to the priciples of Islam as decreed in the quran and hadiths. The hadiths are a collection of narrations of the life of muhammad according to his closest companions. Many aspects of sharia are inspired by his actions and rulings and these includes the murder of critics and converts from islam, the stoning to death of adulterers and amputations sometimes for minor theft. Most muslims support this system as a way to a perfect life on earth. However sharia ideology is very similar to nazi ideology and in some aspects even more cruel and intolerant. At the bottom of the page you can see many illustrations of its applications.

Like nazism sharia condemns democracy as decadent and immoral. Like nazism sharia supports the rule of one absolute ruler called the caliph. Opposition to the caliph is considered treason and carries also a death sentence. In a sharia state non abrahamic religions adherents like buddhists, hindus, agnostics are not allowed to live and they will be exiled. Christians and Jews can reside but are second class citizens called dhimmis, they can be preached to and converted to Islam but they cannot preach, convert or deny Muhammad as the last and final prophet. Read in more detail about dhimmitude.

Sharia and apostasy

Apostasy is not a small issue in Islam. Over the years Islamic Jurisprudents developed a system to identify an apostate. Let us go through the various conditions which render a person as an apostate and liable to a death sentence.

Regarding monotheism and polytheism
A public declaration or conduct that denies Islam, its beliefs, symbols or its principal actors such as statements as "I believe in gods other than Allah", or "God has a material form."

Worshiping an idol
Trinity: Saying that God is three in One; God the Father, God the Son, Holy Spirit, or Al lat, Al'Uzza and Manat (known as the daughters of Allah to the pre-Islamic Arabs). In Islam, God does not beget nor is He begotten (Al-Ikhas) and He alone has the right to be worshiped (Surah Al-Fatihah).

Regarding Beliefs
Saying the world has always existed from eternity, in such a way that it denies the existence of God as a creator
Saying that the world is everlasting and without end, in such a way that it could be interpreted as a denial of resurrection.
Believing in reincarnation into this world, in such a way that it could be interpreted as a denial of resurrection
Contradicting the positions that are upheld by a consensus (ijima) of Muslim scholars (Ulema), such as saying that prayers or fasting are not obligatory, or that the prohibition of adultery does not have to be followed. Not following these doctrines does not make one an apostate, but saying they need not be followed does.

Regarding prophethood of Muhammad
Rejecting Muhammad's claim to be a prophet, or denying the concept of prophethood.
Implying that one can become a prophet through spiritual exercise, since that would imply the possibility of a prophet after Muhammad.
Saying that there were prophets after Muhammad.
Cursing the prophet
Accusing the prophet of having a physical deficiency such as a limp or paralysisQuestioning the perfection of his knowledge or defaming the prophet's character, morals, virtues, or religion

Any clearly blasphemous action, such as burning the Quran out of contempt, and every manner of soiling it out of contempt or hatred. The same may also apply to the Hadiths books.

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The visual horror of sharia in action

Before you click the link below which will take you to the page about sharia in action I must worn you not to go there if you are of delicate disposition! The link will open in a new window. Don't miss reading the link on 'women in islam' about the oppression of women under islam.