It is with some concern that I am watching the Guardian sliding inexorably into a mouthpiece of the most aggressive and vitriolic Islamic propaganda particularly when S, Milne threatens in AlQaeda fashion this country with more bombings and terrorist attacks unless the UK changes its foreign policy. This is the phrase at the end of an article where at times he called MI5 efforts to stop terrorism as ‘lurid’.

Mr Milne finishes his article of the 8th of November saying that the best way to stop terrorist attacks against the UK is for this government to withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and ‘stop supporting dictators’. Hmmm where did I hear that before? Ah yes many times in Hyde Park corner when on a Sunday sometimes hundreds of Islamists gather, Their favourite pastime is to surround anyone who has the temerity of disagreeing with them and shout: heretic, crusader we will follow you home and hurt you…When you tell them that even before the crusades the Islamic wars of Jihad butchered millions worldwide they then scream: Liar..Liar! I see that Mr Milne has had some very good teachers.

His scathing and jihadists articles fail to address a few basic points.

1) You don’t bomb countries that do not agree with your political ideology. For 40 years the USSR heavily supported and armed the Arabs fighting the Israelis yet not even once Israel attacked them or planted bombs in their countries.

2) Mr Milne wants us to give back Afghanistan to the Taliban or else his friends will bomb us again and again. Has he ever wondered what the Afghans want? Certainly not to go back to the Taliban who are mainly foreign invaders who imposed the most repressive regime ever known particularly since in the last few years infant mortality has fallen by 25% and women are enjoying a far higher quality of life.

3) The UK government would love to withdraw from Iraq and to facilitate this perhaps Mr Milne could have a word with his jihadist friends to stop the suicide bombings that is killing thousands of innocent Iraqis.

4) Again what Islamists mean when they say that we should stop supporting ‘dictators’ is that we should stop supporting moderate and secular leaders like King Abdullah of Jordan and give our support to the Iranian government and the Taliban. Sorry mate no matter how much you bomb us we will never do that.